San Jose Water Company Selects Echologics for Continuous Leak Detection

April 27, 2017

TORONTO, April 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- San Jose Water Company (SJWC) has selected Echologics’ leak detection technology to continuously monitor its pipeline network to help the utility measure and reduce water loss.

SJWC selected the EchoShore®-DX technology, Echologics’ fixed leak detection technology for distribution mains, after extensively evaluating several leak detection technologies because of its proven ability to quickly identify and accurately locate leaks.

“This is truly a game-changing smart technology that will become a critical part of our water loss control program and enable us to promote the long-term sustainability of our limited water resources,” said Jake Walsh, Director of Planning at SJWC. “For the first time, we have the ability to be notified within 24 hours of a leak developing on a water main and can monitor leak progression, and assign resources to repair leaks before they surface and begin to impact customers.”

SJWC serves more than one million people in California’s greater San Jose metropolitan area and is considered one of the most technically advanced water providers in the United States.  The project will be the largest deployment of Echologics’ fixed leak detection technology, with a planned deployment of more than 10,000 nodes throughout SJWC’s service area. 

Using advanced technology to detect leaks presented an excellent opportunity for SJWC to not only conserve water but also improve customer service, as automated leak detection results in quicker response times, thereby reducing water loss and reducing or eliminating property damage and service interruptions before a catastrophic main break occurs.  Moving forward, daily reports and dashboards will enable SJWC to identify and monitor the status of potential leaks throughout its service area.

“Industry leaders, such as San Jose Water Company, are leading the way in implementing advanced smart water technologies that will help address challenges associated with aging water infrastructure,” said Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager of Echologics. “The EchoShore-DX technology takes the guesswork out of leak detection with features and insights that have not been available to water utilities before.  These features help them make informed data-driven decisions about how to best manage their water infrastructure.”

The EchoShore-DX fixed leak detection technology incorporates the latest generation of acoustic sensors to non-invasively monitor water pipe infrastructure through existing water assets – fire hydrants. Sensors are installed on standard fire hydrants and continuously monitor the pipes for new and existing leaks.  The early detection capability provides utilities with numerous benefits, such as prioritization of repairs based on actual need, effective allocation of repair crews and avoidance of catastrophic water main breaks.

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Echologics, a Mueller Technologies company, is a developer of water infrastructure diagnostic technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment. Echologics is dedicated to helping water utilities reduce water loss and improve customer service with subsequent benefits in monetary, environmental and health costs to their communities. For more information about Echologics, visit www.echologics.com.

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